New Year, New Ideas…

I have been exploring retail products that could have my art on them.  Of course there are stipulations when it comes to reproducing art in any format.  Up until now, I have offered most of my catalog in a giclée either limited or open edition, some t-shirts, and on handmade glass coasters.  Most of what I have found in the way of alternative formats for retail art products have either poor quality, are costly on the front end, or they are made too far away from home!  If you are lucky enough to have found my art, you know I typically sell in person or online in my etsy shop.

I have finally found a company who is located within the United States as well as makes a beautiful product and would like to announce my new retail art product, a decorative pillow.  I have launched 6 designs plan to follow with more.  I hope you enjoy as much as I do!

Nautilus Pillow for etsy

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