Somewhere…. Over the Rockwall

I began discussions with the City of Rockwall somewhere at the end of the summer.   It looks like we are finally settled on a location and the council and owners are in final approval stages for the design.

Zanata, 202 E Rusk St, is a Mediterranean Restaurant in the Downtown square of Rockwall that is known for its Pizza.   The project, was originally to be a “highlight the Bailey Drug Store and Farmers National Bank showcasing the corner of Rusk and San Jacinto streets, as well as the intriguing Bonnie and Clyde incident recounted by Congressman Ralph Hall,” however, the latest turn of events has the group agreeing on a buffalo theme.

2/12 – UPDATE:  They have chosen a design from the two options submitted.  We now learn that not only did it need to be approved by the Art Council but now it has to go to CITY COUNCIL for a FINAL APPROVAL?

(progress and final pictures to come)

3/12 UPDATE:  Well folks, It looks like the people (3 people specifically) over at City Council in Rockwall just don’t get my art.  A bit funny and it certainly shows they are “old fashioned”, but we will see what they decide.  My artwork was described as Comical.  The only truly “comical” thing about this story is the two things the city council did not like, the buffalo and the space ship, were the two things the property owners REQUESTED.  In the mean time, they have held up my life, my finances, and caused me an unneeded bill for a year’s worth of the required business insurance per their specifications.   All of this on the first years of bringing my son in the world.  Just what we all would want and hope for, right?  Not so much…

This can go one of two ways… the first is that the mural gets finalized and produced and at least the owners of Zanata, part of the city council, and the younger citizens and visitors to Rockwall can enjoy it.  Or.  The second, uglier option…  and I won’t go into detail but it includes the mural NOT getting done and a particular artist not working with Rockwall at any point again.  Sorry folks, I hold grudges.

4/2 UPDATE:  We have learned that the meeting they planned for 3/19 to discuss the mural was cancelled due to SPRING BREAK.  Something that happens every year.  We look forward to a new meeting on 4/9.

People…   This project proposal/application was submitted prior to deadline of July 31, 2017.  We had our first meetings and I did several sketches for them including their American Graffiti Car Hop theme and changes they requested.  By 9/15 they saw the originally proposed wall at 109 E. Kaufman St. was not structurally sound, and moved the location.  The new location, Zanata located at 202 E. Rusk St. was found on 09/01 and confirmed in October.  This was when things started to get muddy.  We were supposed to START the job in October.  Now we were starting over.  They wanted a new concept, new drawings, a whole new direction.  The owner was willing but did not want a “western scene”.  The owner rejected several concepts that the Art Council brought to the table, and he requested that they let the artist do what he is good at.  They reviewed my portfolio and decided they wanted the buffalo, and please incorporate the storage box, and he would like to see symbolism embedded, and be sure to put the spaceship.  Apparently they do not share a collective vision with the City Council…. and 8 drawings and 9 months down the line, I am still not sure when or if this job will happen.  I am also not sure I will ever take a municipal job ever again.  Thanks for that Rockwall.


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